Georgia Flashback!

Georgia Flashback! is set to take you on an adventure into Georgia’s past. The way home is entirely up to you.

This site is developed for eighth-grade students in Georgia. The game teaches students about Georgia history, architecture, and cultural geography. It was created by a team from the Georgia Department of Transportation, Greenhorne & O'Mara, and the History Workshop.

Play the Game

Stumbling into your mother’s basement laboratory, you discover Project Tachyon. The project is a time machine, sitting unused and just asking for you to get inside and take it for a spin. This turns out to be a bad idea, and before you can say "Flux Capacitor," you’re lost, somewhere in Georgia’s past. Your only hope is to re-calibrate the time machine, and find the coordinates to the present. If all goes well, you’ll be home in time for pot roast, and your mother will never know.

To play the game, you will need Adobe Flash Player 8 or better. Download Flash Player here. Are you ready? Click here to play the game.

Learn More

Take your game farther by learning about the times and places presented in the game. Explore the learn more section, where you can read articles, see pictures, and follow links—don’t worry, all this hard work will help you score higher when you play the game!


Visit the for teachers section of the site to download lesson plans and classroom activities that coordinate with the game. To download lesson plans you will need Adobe Reader (download Adobe Reader here).