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The Story

Stumbling into your mother’s basement laboratory, you discover Project Tachyon. The project is a time machine, sitting unused and just asking for you to get inside and take it for a spin. This turns out to be a bad idea, and before you can say "Flux Capacitor," you’re lost, somewhere in Georgia’s past. Your only hope is to re-calibrate the time machine, and find the coordinates to the present. If all goes well, you’ll be home in time for pot roast, and your mother will never know.

Your Objectives

You will visit 12 different eras and places from Georgia’s past. You must calibrate your time machine in each place in order to return to the present day. To do this, you will need to find out what place and time period you’re visiting in Georgia’s history. To do so, you must explore each of the 12 areas thoroughly, talking to locals and looking for clues to help you determine where you are. Once you have collected all the clues from an era, enter the time and place into the machine’s calibrator in order to move on. If you are unsuccessful, you’re stuck. Luckily, maps and hints are available to nudge you in the right direction, so use your resources!


Using your mouse, point and click on different areas of the screen to collect clues and determine what place and time period you're visiting in Georgia's history. Points of interest will be highlighted in red, and the mouse icon will change to a magnifying glass. In some cases, there will be people you can interview. These are valuable informants, so be sure to look for the dialogue bubbles which will appear in place of the mouse cursor. In some places, you will collect photos and store them in a journal. You can access these photos through the journal button at the top of the game screen. If you find yourself stuck on a particular scene, use the "Get a Hint" button on the calibrator to get more information about your surroundings.

System Requirements

To play the game, you will need Adobe Flash Player 8 or better. Download Flash Player here.

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